Public kindergarten, maternal labor supply, and earnings in the longer run: Too little too late? By: Soldani, Emilia. LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics & Industrial Relations. May2021, p1. 50p.

By facilitating early re‐entry to the labor market after childbirth, public kindergarten might positively affect maternal human capital and labor market outcomes: Are such effects long‐lasting? Can we rely on between‐individuals differences in quarter of birth to identify them? I isolate the effects of interest from spurious associations through difference‐in‐difference, exploiting across‐states and over‐time variation in public kindergarten eligibility regulations in the United States. The estimates suggest a very limited impact in the first year, and no longer‐run impacts. Even in states where it does not affect kindergarten eligibility, quarter of birth is strongly and significantly correlated with maternal outcomes.