Protective factors against juvenile delinquency: Exploring gender with a nationally representative sample of youth. By: Liu, Lin; Miller, Susan L. Social Science Research. Feb2020, Vol. 86.

Youth’s social bonds’ with conventional social institutions (e.g., family and school) and parental management of youth’s leisure time represent two dimensions of suppressants against juvenile delinquency. Using Multivariate regression, this paper assesses these two dimensions of factors simultaneously on youth’s aggressive and non-aggressive delinquency, and examines if their effects are gender sensitive. Findings suggest that girls have significantly lower involvement in both aggressive and non-aggressive delinquency than boys. However, girls are disproportionately involved in non-aggressive delinquency. Parental monitoring protects boys and girls distinctively on aggressive delinquency; this factor has a more pronounced inhibitory effect on girls’ aggressive behavior. This study elucidates that there is a gendered pattern in adolescent delinquency, and that gender moderates the effect of some protective factor.