Sahbaz, S., Cox, R. B., Lin, H., Washburn, I. J., & Greder, K. A. (2022). PROMIS Pediatric Psychological Stress Measure: Validity for immigrant Latino youth. Family Relations.

Objective: This study assesses the psychometric properties of the four‐and eight‐item versions of the Patient‐Reported Outcomes MeasurementInformation System (PROMIS) Pediatric Psychological Stress Measure (PPSM) foruse with Latino immigrant adolescents. Background: Immigrant Latino youth areexposed to numerous stressors that can have consequences affecting healthwell into adulthood. However, few studies have assessed the suitability ofpsychosocial measures for this group. Methods: Participants included 286first‐ and second‐generation immigrant Latino youth in middle school in anurban school district in the United States. Analyses included tests forreliability, validity, item characteristics, and measurement invarianceacross differing levels of acculturation and gender groups. Results: Both thefour‐ and the eight‐item PPSM are internally consistent, have strongconstruct validity, and strict factorial invariance across differing levelsof acculturation. The four‐item PPSM demonstrates strict invariance, but theeight‐item version shows only configural invariance by gender. Conclusion:The PPSM is a rigorous measure when assessing immigrant Latino youth stresslevel. The four‐item PPSM is brief, simple to administer, and appropriate foruse with Latino youth across differing levels of acculturation and gendergroups. Implications: The four‐item PPSM lessens respondent fatigue and maybe incorporated into tools practitioners and researchers use to assessperceived stress among immigrant Latino youth.