Kong, W., Ren, M., Li, Y., & Feng, D. (2022). Predictors of delayed retirement intention

The aim of the current study was to explore delayed retirement intention and its influencing factors in a large sample of older Chinese workers. A cross‐sectional questionnaire survey was conducted among a convenience sample of 2776 older Chinese workers. Multinomial logistic regression analyses were performed separately for male and female workers to examine the association between work characteristics, family factors, personal health and the neuroticism trait and delayed retirement intention. Results showed that workers had low delayed retirement intention, while female workers were more reluctant to delay retirement than male workers. Job demand‐control, job satisfaction, family economic status, family caregiving responsibilities, chronic diseases, physical health, mental health and neuroticism were predictors of male workers’ delayed retirement intention, while job effort‐reward imbalance, job satisfaction, family caregiving responsibilities and neuroticism were predictors of female workers’ delayed retirement intention after controlling for demographic factors.