Nadash, P., Alberth, A. G., Tell, E. J., & Jansen, T. (2022). Policies to Sustain Employment Among Family Caregivers: The Family Caregiver Perspective. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 07334648221125635.

The work of caregiving can make it difficult to sustain employment. Thisstudy aimed to clarify what family caregivers themselves think is importantin remaining employed, as part of work mandated under the Recognize, Assist,Include, Support, and Engage (RAISE) Family Caregivers Act of 2018. Data camefrom a Request for Information promulgated by the Administration forCommunity Living, resulting in 1147 family caregiver responses, and 12 focusgroups. Findings support many goals identified by caregiver-advocates, suchas expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act, and access to paid time offand sick leave; caregivers also value flexible work arrangements. However,the study further revealed a need for supportive work environments thatprotect caregivers against workplace discrimination and negative attitudesheld by both managers and colleagues, and thus for employer education aboutthe caregiving experience as well as caregivers’ needs for workplace supportsand benefits, and possibly anti-discrimination legislation.