Zagrodney, K. A., Deber, R., Saks, M., & Laporte, A. (2023). Personal support worker socio-demographic differences across care sectors in Canada. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 42(4), 670-679.

With the growing reliance on Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in healthcare delivery for older adults across hospital, nursing and long-term carehome, and home and community (HC) sectors, understanding the PSW labor marketis critical for healthcare human resource capacity to care for an agingpopulation. This study utilizes a longitudinal, cross-provincial,individual-level dataset of PSWs in Canada from 1996–2010 to providesocio-demographic characteristics of PSWs by sector. Means, proportions, andmultivariate tests of significance showed that PSWs differed significantly bycare sector across many factors—including sex, health, family, and educationcharacteristics. That HC PSWs were more likely to be older with lower healthand higher disability status is important to consider when examining laborpolicies. Evidence of sector heterogeneity can lead to important differentialeffects on PSW labor supply behaviors and this research highlights theimportance of tailoring initiatives aimed at recruitment and retention bysector.