Older Adults and Their Families' Online Reviews of Urban Nursing Homes in China. By: Yuan, Hao; Shen, Xiumei; Kong, Guangyan and Duan, Chenhao. 2024. Gerontologist. Vol. 64 Issue 4, p1-12.

Background and Objectives Social media has made online care facility reviews popular. By analyzing online reviews of nursing homes (NHs), managers and designers can acquire insight into the perceptions of the older adults and their families. This study aims to help improve the care and environment of NHs. Research Design and Methods This study employed a mixed-methods approach to analyze online NH reviews. An inductive thematic analysis was utilized to identify and develop themes, followed by a detailed content analysis using Jieba, a Python-based program. Also, a regression analysis was conducted between the sentiment level of each subtheme and the final star ratings. Results Online reviews of NHs could be classified into 6 main themes, 18 subthemes, and 53 initial themes. Among the main themes, “service quality” received the most reviews, followed by “physical space environment.” Of the 53 initial themes, “attitude and caring” received the most feedback, followed by “general impression of the space environment,” and “meals and
nutrition.” Regression analysis using 18 subthemes revealed that, except for the “facility scale,” all 17 subthemes were significantly connected with the final star rating. “Personal and property security” had the highest regression coefficients, followed by “service attitude” and “space.” Discussion and Implications Online reviews provide a valuable supplement to conventional NH quality assessment criteria, enhancing person-centered care delivery. Based on the findings, recommendations for NH management and design are proposed to improve care quality, environment, and satisfaction for older adults and families.