Kazmierski, K. F., Borelli, J. L., & Rao, U. (2022). Multidimensional discrimination distress, controlling parenting, and parent–adolescent attachment relationships: Racial/ethnic differences. Journal of Social Issues.

Parents have multifaceted identities, across dimensions likerace/ethnicity, gender, and class, which shape their experience ofdiscrimination. However, little is known about how distress from suchmultidimensional discrimination influences parenting behavior andparent–adolescent relationships. We tested associations between mothers’multidimensional discrimination distress and parental control (overcontroland conditional regard) and daughters’ attachment, among 82 African American(AA), Hispanic/Latina (HL), and non‐Hispanic White (NHW) mother–adolescentdaughter dyads in the United States. Additionally, we examined whether theseassociations vary by race/ethnicity. Mothers reported their distress due tomultidimensional discrimination and adolescents reported mothers’overcontrol, mothers’ conditional regard, and adolescents’ attachment tomothers. Across racial/ethnic groups, more multidimensional discriminationdistress was associated with more maternal overcontrol. Additionally,racial/ethnic groups differed in associations between discrimination,maternal conditional regard, and adolescent attachment, such that AA motherswere buffered from the deleterious effects of discrimination on conditionalregard and adolescent attachment. HL mothers were buffered from effects onadolescent attachment and conditional regard for anger expression, but notfear expression. Findings suggest that stigmatized racial/ethnic groups mayrely on adaptive cultural practices to parent effectively in the face ofmultidimensional discrimination distress, but these resources may not beavailable to NHW mothers.