Wissam Magadley (2019) Moonlighting in academia: a study of gender differences in work-family conflict among academics, Community, Work & Family, DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2019.1678458

The current study examines Work-family conflict (WFC) from a gender perspective among Arab-Palestinian academics in Israel who hold multiple jobs and have families with dependent children. The findings revealed gender differences with regard to the rationale for working in multiple jobs. Both male and female academics experience work-family conflict, however, women experience it more acutely due to persistent traditional gender roles in Arab-Palestinian society. WFC was found to have negative effects on men and women, but gender differences remain, with women bearing a heavier burden. Both men and women adopt similar strategies that enable them to cope with WFC. These results support the growing international evidence that the culture of long working hours that prevails in academia renders the conciliation between work and family life a very difficult endeavor.