Song, C., Chatterjee, J. S., Doane, D. L., & Doneys, P. (2021). Men in Mixed-Orientation Marriages in Contemporary China: Unpacking the Role of Heteronormativity and Patriarchy. Journal of Family Issues, 0192513X211055790.

This qualitative study based on 34 in-depth interviews (IDIs) withcis-gendered tongzhi (men who are attracted to men) critically explores thefactors influencing their decisions to enter mixed-orientation marriages(MOMs) in China. Theoretically, the study weaves together insights from queerand feminist theorizing and analyzes the role of heteronormativity andpatriarchy, especially in relation to hegemonic masculine ideals, in thecontext of marriage norms in contemporary China. Our examination showcasesthe contradictory role heteronormativity and patriarchy play insimultaneously marginalizing and privileging these groups of men along theaxes of sexual, gender, and lineage (inter-generational) hierarchies. It alsounderscores the continued role of filial piety norms. Overall, the studycontributes to deepening our understanding of the complex nature of MOMs anddiscussions of MOMs as marriage fraud. We argue that examining thesenon-normative marriages furthers explication of the social structuresunderpinning gender and sexuality in a context of patriarchalmarriage-normative societies.