Lessons From the Field. Chronic disease: Action for post‐pandemic wellness and health. By: Contreras, Dawn A.; Dalimonte‐Merckling, Danielle; Demitz, Christi R.; Anderson, Laura; Carter, Anita; Cudney, Abigail; Derror, Tanner; Felix‐Mottley, Zelda; Gritter, Kai N.; Hebert, Sheilah; Persing‐Wethington, Nicole; Tiret, Holly B. and Williams, Elizabeth. 2024. Family Relations. Vol. 73 Issue 1, p24-35.

Objective: We aim to share practical insight acquired while implementing the Chronic Disease Self‐Management Program (CDSMP), offering strategies to reach and support diverse individuals with chronic diseases. Background: I light of a global rise in chronic diseases, existing health disparities, and increasingly limited health care access, exacerbated by COVID‐19, empowering individuals through self‐management becomes important to alleviate burdens for families, individuals, and healthcare systems. Methods: Uptake and effectiveness of CDSMP were quantified via enrollment data and evaluation instruments. Qualitative exploration of instructor feedback provided lessons learned. Results: Participation in CDSMP courses increased during the pandemic with participants reporting greater confidence and frequency of engagement in self‐management activities. Strategic efforts including partnership‐building, targeted marketing, and innovative delivery methods played a pivotal role in recruitment success. Inclusivity measures, such as use of electronic platforms and varied engagement options, broadened program accessibility. Addressing social isolation emerged as a key factor, both as an end in itself and as a motivator for course engagement and retention. Conclusion: Reducing barriers related to program accessibility, inclusivity, and social isolation are important factors influencing program enrollment both in total number and in diversity of participants, course engagement and retention, and program effectiveness. Implications: Lessons learned caninform future implementation as family educators seek to uplift and improve the well‐being and health of diverse families coping with chronic diseases.