Investigating the interplay between institutional, spousal, parental and personal demands in tenure track faculty everyday life. By: Branch, Jessica; Chapman, Melissa; Gomez, Miguel. Community, Work & Family. Apr2021, Vol. 24 Issue 2, p143-154. 12p.

Tenure track faculty face a multitude of work-family demands as part of their progression in academia. By engaging in a autoethnography, we examine the amount of time spent in institutional, spousal, parental, and personal demands. This research note, illuminates relational and logistical qualities of that time, providing additional depth to the concept of work?family balance. We scrutinize the interplay that institutional, spousal, parental, and personal demands have on both the amount of time dedicated and the quality of time spent engaging in each demand. Project implications highlight two possible suggestions for other tenure track faculty. First, the opportunity to embed different demands can be an effective way to mitigate the finite amount of time in a given day. Second, engaging in self-reflection can be both an informative and therapeutic process for tenure track faculty balancing work?family commitments.