Reyes, A. M. (2022). Intergenerational support and retirement timing among older men and women by race/ethnicity. Social Science Research, 102783.

Retirement timing is associated with health and economic outcomes forolder adults. However, it is unclear how the pressures of supporting olderparents and young adult children are associated with retirement. This studyuses a life course perspective to consider how the linked lives of workingolder adults and their support of adult children and parents are associatedwith retirement. Cox proportional hazard models are estimated using theHealth and Retirement Study (1992–2014) to assess the relationship betweenintergenerational support exchanges and retirement timing by gender andrace/ethnicity. Providing most types of intergenerational support andespecially providing time support are associated with an increased risk ofretirement. Unlike all other respondents, Hispanic women providingintergenerational time support have similar retirement risks as those notproviding any intergenerational support. These differing patterns byrace/ethnicity suggest that earlier life course trajectories may shape olderadults’ ability to respond to family needs.