Innovation and Integration of Sexuality in Family Life Education. By: Russell, Stephen T.; Mallory, Allen B.; Bishop, Meg D.; Dorri, Armin A. Family Relations. Jul2020, Vol. 69 Issue 3, p595-613. 19p. 2 Charts, 1 Graph.

As a fundamental aspect of the human experience, sexuality is experienced at every stage in the life span. Sexual values, behaviors, and health are important components of individual and family well‐being. Educating about such a fundamental aspect of life is both obvious and crucial. In this article, we consider the potential of sexuality education in the field and profession of family life education (FLE). We critique sexuality education in the United States and the marginal place of human sexuality in the FLE field. We then offer recommendations for incorporating life span, socioecological, family systems, and intersectionality perspectives into sexuality education, and recommendations for FLE and sexuality education research and practice. We argue that educating about sexuality in the context of FLE—and activating the profession of FLE for sexuality education—will strategically advance sexuality education, sexual health, and the field of FLE.