In Good Company: When Gender Diversity Boosts a Company's Reputation. By: Wilton, Leigh S.; Sanchez, Diana T.; Unzueta, Miguel M.; Kaiser, Cheryl; Caluori, Nava. Psychology of Women Quarterly. Mar2019, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p59-72.

Many companies highlight their gender diversity, in part to signal positive attributes about the organization. We explored whether or not advertising gender diversity improves White men’s beliefs about an organization. In four studies, we found that White men expected a company to have a more broadminded and tolerant climate when the company noted it was gender diverse––and the gender diversity was described as including White women––as compared to when it did not address its gender diversity. In Studies 1 (n = 105), 2 (n = 101), and 3 (n = 151), a White gender-diverse organization was also viewed as more prestigious than an organization that did not address its gender diversity. In Studies 3 and 4 (n = 183), a gender-diverse company that highlighted a Black woman employee did not receive the same overall reputation boosts as the White gender-diverse company did. Our research indicates that companies that advertise their gender diversity may receive a boost to their reputation. We suggest that this research can inform organizational efforts to address gender diversity by encouraging companies to consider the intersection of gender and race in shaping both prejudicial attitudes and the experiences of minority groups. Additional online materials for this article are available onPWQ’s website