Ideological Discourses of Fathers on Paternity Leave in Spain. By: Barbeta-Viñas, Marc; Muntanyola-Saura, Dafne. Journal of Family Issues. Aug2021, Vol. 42 Issue 8, p1706-1736. 31p.

This article analyzes the ideological discourses of fathers on the use of paternity leave in Spain. The goal is to reconstruct the ideological positions that fathers from different social locations develop around the existence of paternity leave as well as to explore their attitudes toward the impending length equalization of paternity and maternity leaves. A qualitative analysis was applied through the configuration of eight focus groups with fathers from two Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona. The results show the diversity of the fathers’ ideological positions in their representations about paternity leave. Different conceptions and degrees of legitimacy are observed, often conditioned by work, and institutional and gender contexts to which these fathers belong. Only some discourses and specific positions back up the change of legislation toward the equivalent duration of paternity and maternity leaves.