Xu, E. L., Kim, P. S., Yee, C., Zhang, M., Reckrey, J. M., Lubetsky, S., ... & Franzosa, E. (2023). “I Depend on Her for Everything”: A Retrospective Chart Review of Home Care Worker Service Disruptions for Homebound Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 42(4), 561-570.

Home care workers played critical roles in meeting the complex medicaland social needs of homebound adults during COVID-19, yet their contributionsremain underappreciated. This study characterizes home care workers’ rolesduring COVID-19 and examines how home care disruptions impacted homeboundindividuals and caregivers. Using a qualitative analysis of electronicmedical records among a randomly sampled subset of homebound patients in ahome-based primary care practice, we found that home care workers wereessential in meeting existing and new needs of homebound individuals.Insufficient home care worker services, including unstable schedules andinadequate hours of paid care, became particularly disruptive, leading torisks for patients and their caregivers. Given their integral role on careteams, home care workers must be a policy focus to prepare for emergentsituations and ensure that homebound individuals have access to high quality,stable home care.