How Voicer Humility Influences Managerial Voice Endorsement: An Expectancy Violation Perspective. By: Duan, Jinyun; Wang, Xiaotian; Lin, Xiaoshuang and Guo, Zhaojun. 2024. British Journal of Management. Vol. 35 Issue 1, p449-463.

Humble employees are less inclined to speak up in a challenging and dominant manner. Drawing from the expectancyviolation theory, we argue that challenging voice expressed by humble employees can be viewed as unexpected and receives high recognition. Specifically, we examine the effects of voicer humility on violationexpectedness and violationvalence, and, subsequently, on managerial voice endorsement. Moreover, we hypothesize that managersubordinate familiarity moderates these relationships. Results from an eventbased recall study with 188 managersubordinate dyads (Study 1) and a vignettebased experiment with 434 managers (Study 2) revealed that voicer humility was positively related to managerial voice endorsement via violationexpectedness and violationvalence. Furthermore, we found that the positive relationship between voicer humility and violationexpectedness, aswell as the positive relationship between voicer humility and violationvalence, were stronger when managersubordinate familiarity was higher. We also discuss the theoretical and practical implications of our findings and directions for future research.