Durmuş, E., & Tunca, A. (2022). Grandmothers who raise working parents' children: Influences on grandchildren, behavior management styles, and educational needs. Family Relations.

Objective: The aim of the study was to examine perspectives on helpingraise grandchildren among Turkish grandmothers who care for working parents’children. Background: Grandparents helping raise their grandchildren hasbecome increasingly common as a means to support women’s employment. InTurkey, the Büyükanne Projesi (Grandma Project) was carried out in 2017 withthe support of the government. This project encouraged grandmothers to helpraise their grandchildren to encourage women’s participation in theworkforce. The importance of grandmothers in the family system and the roleof raising grandchildren has gradually increased. Method: This research isqualitative and phenomenological. Sixteen grandmothers living in Turkeyparticipated in the research. Participants were selected by criterionsampling, a purposive sampling method. Results: The study’s findings werecategorized into three main themes: the effects of being raised bygrandmothers on grandchildren, grandmothers’ behavior management styles, andgrandmothers’ educational needs. Conclusion: While raising the children ofworking parents, grandmothers strive to instill societal and familial valuesto the children. In so doing, grandmothers appear to prefer democratic andchild‐centered behavior‐management methods over authoritarian and oppressiveones. It was noted that grandmothers have some educational needs, especiallywith regard to child development issues. Implications: Grandmothers’childrearing practices can be improved with training. Grandmothers can playan important role in raising children to increase women’s participation inthe workforce and to help support the family economically.