Gender Regimes in the Middle East and North Africa: The Power of Feminist Movements. By: Moghadam, Valentine M. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society. Fall2020, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p467-485. 19p.

Applying Walby’s model of gender regime, with some modifications, to the Middle East and North Africa, I highlight the importance of the family as an institutional domain, replace the ideal types of social-democratic and neoliberal public gender regimes with neopatriarchal and conservative-corporatist , and elucidate feminist organizing and mobilizing as a key driver in the transition from one public gender regime to another in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. The article contributes to theory-building on (varieties of) gender regimes by underscoring (sub)regional specificities across the capitalist world-system’s economic zones and emphasizing the role of feminist activism.