Gender Nonconforming Individuals and Business Education: A Systematic Review of the Literature. By: Graham, Susan C.; MacFarlane, Amy J. Journal of Management Education. Aug2021, Vol. 45 Issue 4, p599-626. 28p.

Our understanding of gender is evolving from a binary system to a continuum whereby gender is fluid, multifaceted, and individually defined or expressed. Businesses, through owners, employees, and customers, as well as company policies and practices, play a role in the acceptance and inclusion of gender nonconforming individuals. One group with a responsibility in relation to gender inclusion is the business education system—undergraduate and graduate business programs that deliver business curriculum, shape business practices, research business issues, and produce business leaders. The purpose of this study is to examine the peer-reviewed literature to identify if and how the interpretation of genders, one that includes gender nonconforming individuals, exists in business education research. While 17 articles were found that cover topics within this general area, an overall lack of academic literature examining business education and gender nonconformity may leave business educators ill-equipped to include gender nonconforming individuals and topics in their classrooms. This work may inform business educators regarding the status of business education in relation to the evolving understanding of gender and identify areas for future work to help ensure that business educators are equipped with the knowledge to enable full gender inclusion in the business classroom.