Gender in Management, 6th edition. By Powell, Gary N. 2024. Sage Publications. Los Angeles.

I am pleased to announce publication of Gary N. Powell, Gender in Management (6th edition, Sage,


In the Sixth Edition of Gender in Management, author Gary N. Powell provides a comprehensive survey and review of the literature on sex, gender, and organizations. With the title change from Women and Men in Management to Gender in Management, the new edition adopts a more inclusive lens that acknowledges the diverse identities and experiences within the gender spectrum. Fully updated sections on intersectionality, public events such as COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements, the increased use of AI in hiring decisions, and the increased prevalence of virtual teams and working at home provide context to the evolving nature of gender in the workplace and society. Powell provides specific research-based strategies for promoting an organizational culture of nondiscrimination, diversity, and inclusion.


  • Covers a wide range of topics, including gender stereotypes and biases, employment decisions, the gender pay gap, sexual harassment in the workplace, the work-family interface, and strategies for promoting an organizational culture of nondiscrimination, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Provides a comprehensive review of nearly 1,300 studies and articles–a body of literature reflecting the continuing growth of research on gender and organizations.
  • Examines the past, present, and future of gender in management.
  • Offers practical recommendations for promoting nondiscrimination, inclusion, and diversity.


“A concise exploration into historic and current issues prohibiting equality in gender and leadership opportunities.” Liesl H. Eberhardt, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs “Powell presents a balanced overview of challenges to women and men in the workplace. It discusses these challenges from both a theoretical and practical aspect. It is also comprehensive and includes a wide variety of relevant work topics including work and family, working in teams, and promoting diversity and inclusion.” Konnie G. Kustron, Bay College


  1. Introduction
  2. Yesterday and Today
  3. Sex, Gender, and Society
  4. Making Employment Decisions
  5. Working in Diverse Teams
  6. Leading People
  7. Dealing with Social Sexual Behavior in the Workplace 8. Managing the Work-Family Interface 9. Promoting Nondiscrimination, Diversity, and Inclusion