From the corporate world to freelancing: the phenomenon of working from home in the Philippines. By: Tudy, Randy A. Community, Work & Family. Jan2021, Vol. 24 Issue 1, p77-92. 16p.

The world is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many lost their jobs. It was during this pandemic that people payed more attention to freelancing. However, even before the pandemic, this phenomenon was already gaining ground in the Philippines. The purpose of this paper is to explore Filipino professionals’ lived experiences as they transition from the corporate world into a work from home job as online freelancers. This study used a qualitative research design using the phenomenological approach. Eleven participants willingly responded to the key informant interviews (KII). They were professionals who left their previous corporate job to work from home as online freelancers. Results revealed that the challenges they encountered were distractions at home and lack of recognition. The identified themes for the advantages were freedom, more time with the family, and flexibility. Based on the study’s findings, it appeared that the benefits of freelance work outweigh the challenges. Freelancing creates alternative employment opportunities for Filipinos, both professionals or not. The implication of the study points to the need for education or information dissemination so that those who need jobs or want to transition from the corporate world can venture into freelancing, especially during a pandemic.