Focus on education: Taking stock of key themes, topics, trends and communities in international business and international management education research. By: Calma, Angelito; Suder, Gabriele and Kenworthy, Thomas P. 2024. International Journal of Management Education (Elsevier Science). Vol. 22 Issue 1, pN.PAG-N.PAG.

This paper sheds light on education in International Business (IB) and International Management (IM) by identifying the main topics, themes, trends and subdomain clusters in their education-focused literature. Using a combination of text- and network-based analysis, only recently introduced for data analysis in IB/IM, we reveal themes focused mainly on five areas: global focus; learning and skill development; teaching and curriculum development; economic and management issues; and student types and experience. Further, we examine the extent to which keywords associated with critical perspectives enter the education literature to gain insight into the embrace of issues related to sustainability, ethics, empathy and gender. • International business (IB) and international management (IM) are linked. • An education-focused inquiry is used to identify IB and IM critical perspectives. • Themes, trends and subdomain clusters have been identified. • The most critical perspective is student education. • Business strategy and operations, and equality and global mindset follow.