Fathers as Solo Caregivers in Spain: A Choice or a Need? By: Fernandez-Lozano, Irina. Journal of Family Issues. Sep2019, Vol. 40 Issue 13, p1755-1785. 31p.

The increase in fathers’ involvement in childcare in Western societies has not translated into an equal distribution of childcare between mothers and fathers. While some couples actually succeed in “undoing gender” when the first child arrives, their characteristics that define them are not yet clear. This article provides four different explanations that contribute to understanding how parents share routine care in Spain, using a sample of dual-earner, heterosexual parents from the Spanish Time Use Survey 2010. The results show that fathers are more likely to be “equal sharers” when they earn less than their spouse; do not hold traditionally masculine jobs (e.g., managers or blue-collar workers); have time available and, more important, their spouses are not available from 5 p.m. onward. In line with previous research, this study provides evidence that dismantles the “myth” that higher status employees, and/or those with college education, are more egalitarian in practice.