Rakha, A. H., Abalkhail, A., & Albahadel, D. M. (2022). Family promotion of children's healthy lifestyles during the COVID‐19 pandemic in light of Saudi Vision 2030. Family Relations.


This study aims to determine the role of the family in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for children aged 3–12 years during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Qassim region in light of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program.


This study is important in defining the role of the family in promoting an active lifestyle for children during the COVID-19 pandemic because the family is primarily responsible for promoting a healthy lifestyle for children.


We evaluated responses of 320 parents completing an online survey about their children’s physical health during the pandemic.


The results showed a low level of children’s physical activity and excessive use of electronic devices. Late bedtimes were evident and defined as midnight or later. As well, however, families knew the necessary information about COVID-19 and maintained the children’s preventive measures. The families were aware of the child’s consumption of a healthy diet. They helped the child complete studies through distance education. The families supported the child’s psychological well-being and helped them develop some entertainment plans.


Although the family plays an important role in promoting the active and healthy lifestyle of the child, there is still a need for more awareness regarding the child’s practice of physical activity, healthy sleep habits, and correct use of electronic devices.


Programs should be established to increase family awareness of the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Saudi Ministry of Health regarding the child’s physical activity, sleep habits, and the use of electronic devices.