Family Caregivers' Role in Navigating Diet: Perspectives from Caregivers of Older Asian Americans. By: Lim, Katherine; Quintero Silva, Laura and Raj, Minakshi. 2024. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Vol. 43 Issue 6, p775-785.

Family caregivers uphold significant healthcare responsibilities including language translation and diet management. This study sought to understand family caregivers’ experiences and challenges navigating and managing their older Asian American relative’s diet. We conducted an exploratory sequential mixed-methods study with family caregivers involving (1) qualitative interviews (n = 40) and (2) a nationwide survey (n = 100). Interviewees discussed their role and challenges with (a) applying American/Western clinical dietary recommendations to their relative’s traditional meal preferences and (b) managing misalignment between their relative’s traditional dietary preferences and the food offered in hospitals and long-term care environments. Survey responses triangulated; almost 65% of family caregivers prepared and brought traditional meals to healthcare facilities upon observing a lack of culturally relevant food options. Culturally relevant nutrition training for family caregivers can help them support their relative in community settings. Creating an inclusive healthcare system requires transforming the food environment within healthcare facilities.