Exploring perceived innovativeness in Central America and the Caribbean: Cross-level interactions of perceived camaraderie, organizational camaraderie climate, and organizational gender diversity. By: Ramsey, Jase R.; Lorenz, Melanie P.; Liu, Joseph T.; Posthuma, Richard A.; Gonzalez-Brambila, Claudia N. International Journal of Human Resource Management. Feb2021, p1-36. 36p.

We propose a cross-level perspective on the relationship between individual-level perceived camaraderie and organizational-level camaraderie climate which interact to predict employee perceptions of innovativeness. Additionally, organizational gender diversity weakens the cross-level interaction. We tested our hypotheses by conducting a multi-level study with 39,574 employees working in 53 firms in Central America and the Caribbean. The positive link between perceived camaraderie and perceived innovativeness was stronger in firms with higher organizational camaraderie climate, and this interaction was moderated in firms with more gender diversity. We discuss the international human resource management implications of social context for the organizational gender diversity and innovation literature in an often-overlooked region.