Exploring Differences in Home Modification Strategies According to Household Location and Occupant Disability Status: 2019 American Housing Survey Analysis. By: Kim, Daejin; Lee, Mi Jung and Kang, Jaewon. 2024. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Vol. 43 Issue 3, p231-241.

Home modification is essential in helping older adults age in place safely and independently. The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of housing location and disability status on home modification projects among older adults using the 2019 American Housing Survey Data. The study found that recent home modification strategies were significantly different according to older adults’ housing locations and health status. Older adults in non-metropolitan areas and with disability were less likely to make home modifications, and when they did so, they spent less money on the modifications. The findings highlight the importance of providing adequate home modification programs and resources for home modifications, as well as support and education from community organizations, particularly for older adults in non-metropolitan areas. The results of this study can assist in developing housing policies and guidelines to address these current and future challenges in home modification implementation for the agingpopulation.