Evidence for Life Satisfaction Among Dual-Career Couples: The Interplay of Job, Career, and Family Satisfaction in Relation to Workplace Support. By: Gahlawat, Neha; Phogat, Rina S.; Kundu, Subhash C. Journal of Family Issues. Dec2019, Vol. 40 Issue 18, p2893-2921. 29p.

Using data from 406 dual-career couple employees in the Indian context, the current study has indicated that favorable perceptions of workplace support variables like work–family balance actions, supervisor support, coworker support, work autonomy, and role clarity lead toward heightened life satisfaction among dual-career couples. However, this relationship is not as simple as it seems. Interestingly, none of the five workplace support initiatives are directly related to the life satisfaction among employees. Bootstrap results via serial mediation model establish that job satisfaction, career satisfaction, and family satisfaction mediate individually and serially the relationships between various workplace support variables and life satisfaction. Being first of its kind, the study has potential to prove beneficial in improving the lives of employees if thorough consideration is given to workplace support in relation to various types of employees’ satisfaction.