Entrepreneurial attitude: Gender differences in moroccan university students. By: Biedma-Ferrer, José María; Montañés-Del Río, Miguel Ángel; Virues, Carmen and Sanchez, Jose M. 2024. International Journal of Management Education (Elsevier Science). Vol. 22 Issue 1, pN.PAG-N.PAG.

Higher education institutions play an important role in fostering a positive student attitude towards entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial attitude concerns one’s predisposition to look favourably or unfavourably upon starting a business. Previous studies discuss whether gender might affect this attitude. The aim of this paper is to supplement the scant, Morocco-based studies by exploring whether gender influences students’ entrepreneurial attitudes, taking into account their marital status and level of education. A non-parametric statistical analysis is applied to a sample of 549 Moroccan students and the results show that gender affects their entrepreneurial attitudes. Female students show a higher entrepreneurial attitude than male students, especially when they are single and at the bachelor level. These findings have practical implications for higher education institutions and policy makers. • Gender influences the entrepreneurial attitude of Moroccan university students. • Single female students show a more positive entrepreneurial attitude. • Female students show a more positive attitude across all education levels.