Marceau, K., Kimiecik, C., Ruiz, Y., McCormick, C., Toombs, A., Elias, C., ... & Wadsworth, S. M. (2022). Emerging Ideas. Families Together: Supporting family resilience during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Family Relations.

Objective: This study evaluated a rapidly developed program designed tosupport family resilience during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Background: Groundedin Walsh’s family resilience framework, Families Tackling Tough TimesTogether (FT) disseminated weekly evidence‐informed content through a publicFacebook group, partner organizations, and on a dedicated website. Method:Facebook and website analytics and weekly brief usage surveys (n with atleast one = 74) documented program use, and pre‐ and post‐FT surveys (n withat least one = 49) assessed family connectedness, positive outlook, purposein life, and stress. Results: The program was widely used and receivedfavorable feedback. Participants reported less stress in weeks when theyengaged in more program activities, and more family connectedness in weekswhen they spent more time engaged in program materials. No significantchanges were observed, however, in overall family resilience, self‐efficacy,family functioning, or stress. Conclusion: The FT program was widely used andappraised positively. Program involvement was favorably correlated with lessstress and family connectedness within weeks, although long‐term changespost‐program were not observed. Implications for Emerging Ideas: Social mediacan be used as an effective mechanism for reaching families during times ofadversity and provides preliminary data that can guide refinement of FT andother disaster‐responsive programs.