Effects of Daily Parenting Uplifts on Well-being of Mothers with Young Children in Taiwan. By: Chen, Fu-mei. Journal of Family Issues. Apr2020, Vol. 41 Issue 4, p542-561. 20p.

Focusing on mothers with young children, the aim of this study was to understand their daily experiences and the effects of parenting uplifts on mothers’ well-being. This study comprised two parts: In Study 1, we examined and analyzed the daily hassles and uplifts that mothers experience. Two hundred and six married, full-time working mothers with young children were interviewed using Target Complaints instrument. Family was found to be the dominant domain in which both daily hassles and uplifts were experienced. We then compared the intensity of hassles and uplifts among the domains; the intensity for family-based uplifts was the strongest. In Study 2, we further investigated Study 1 findings and examined the effects of parenting uplifts on mothers’ well-being. Three hundred and thirty-six couples filled out questionnaires. We found that parenting uplifts were positively associated with the mothers’ life satisfaction. Finally, the actor–partner interdependence model (APIM) revealed that fathers’ parenting uplifts influenced the mothers’ life satisfaction.