Domestic Employment: Making Visible an Invisible Relationship. By: Masterson, Courtney R.; Hoobler, Jenny M. Journal of Management Inquiry. Jul2019, Vol. 28 Issue 3, p354-358. 5p.

Globally, millions of women and men are employed to care for children, adults with physical or mental disabilities, and/or households. The outcomes of paid domestic work go far beyond the private households within which it occurs; yet, this work is most often economically and socially invisible. In this article, we detail the distinct nature of this work by bringing attention to four aspects of domestic employment: physical space, power, purpose, and emotional experiences. We also identify emerging macro-level issues that may help advance our knowledge of workers’ and employers’ experiences. In doing so, we raise questions that may enable scholars, employers, and policy makers alike to better understand and elevate the well-being of millions of workers globally.