Does it pay to invest in your couple relationship? By: Bokek‐Cohen, Ya'arit and Halamish‐Leshem, Riki. 2024. Family Relations. Vol. 73 Issue 2, p1235-1247.

Objective: The objective of the study is to examine the efficacy of relationship investment tactics in improving relationship satisfaction. Background: Physical and mental health are affected by the quality of the couple relationship. Accordingly, bolstering the couple relationship and enhancing relationship satisfaction is of crucial importance for both partners’ well‐being. Using relationship investment tactics may represent a behavioral solution for elevating the quality of the couple bond as well as their satisfaction from their relationship. Method: A cross‐sectional research design was adopted. The associations between demographic characteristics, relationship investment tactics, and relationship satisfaction were tested using a path analysis. Results: Employing tactics ofemotional gestures, material and instrumental gestures, giving space, and shared activities were found to be positively associated with relationship satisfaction. Using tactics of sex and self‐beautification and helping the partner’s family and friends did not entail heightened satisfaction. Conclusion: Relationships can be improved and transformed by employing relationship investment tactics described in this research report. Implications: The results indicate that behavioral tactics and patterns, which are easy, simple, and usually free, may be employed to enhance relationship satisfaction. Couple therapists may consider advising clients as to how to prevent relationship decline and helping clients when encountering relationship difficulties by employing these relationship investment tactics.