Division of Housework and Women's Fertility Willingness. By: Zhang, Cheng; Liang, Yanan and Qi, Xiaoyu. 2024. Journal of Family Issues. Vol. 45 Issue 4, p795-812.

Low fertility willingness has become a major practical reality in China. From the perspective of family gender equality, this paper analyzes the impact of division of housework on women’s fertility willingness by using the data of China Family Panel Studies (CFPS). The results of propensity score matching method and instrumental variable method show that husbands’ participation in housework can effectively improve wives’ fertility willingness. Mechanism analysis shows that husbands’ active participation in housework can effectively reduce wives’ work–family conflict, increase wives’ satisfaction with husbands’ housework contribution, and help improve wives’ happiness and fertility willingness. Further discussion on whether families have had children or not shows that women who have had children are more sensitive to their husbands’ participation in housework. This study provides empirical evidence for the applicability of family gender equality theory in China and the factors affecting women’s fertility willingness.