Diversity and inclusion practitioners and non-binary employees in the UK: a Bourdieusian analysis. By: Ozturk, Mustafa Bilgehan; Rumens, Nick and Tatli, Ahu. 2024. International Journal of Human Resource Management. p1-22.

This article examines how diversity and inclusion practitioners in the UK can challenge and/or reproduce the marginalisation of non-binary employees in organisations. Using Bourdieu’s notions of habitus, doxa and illusio, this article unpacks practitioners’ perspectives and approaches toward non-binary equality issues at work. The analysis focuses on examining the relational and situated nature of their organisational roles, and the influence of the wider social order as it relates to non-binary people. Interview data is organised around three main themes that develop this article’s principal contributions: incrementalism, problematisation of genderfluidity, and solidaristic inclusion. While incrementalism and problematisation of gender fluidity indicate an underlying status-quo bias that reproduce gender identity inequalities that affect non-binary employees, solidaristic inclusion offers the promise of transformational change. The conclusion outlines practical implications for IHRM scholars and practitioners.