Death at work in Kashmir: lived experiences of surviving families thereof. By: Jahangir, Mohmad Saleem; Wali, Muzamil; Hamid, Wasia. Community, Work & Family. Aug2021, p1-21. 21p.

In the present study, the authors aimed to investigate the experiences of families bereaved by the death of their loved ones at workplaces in Kashmir. 17 families were selected through purposive sampling. Data were collected by using an unstructured interview guide. Thematic analysis of the data revealed that the families had to face severe social, mental, physical, and financial problems, including difficulties in claiming and receiving compensation, immediate and long-term financial difficulties due to the death of the breadwinner, mental and physical health problems, unmet support needs, family disruption, and social, educational and behavioural impact on children. Recommendations for policy development and interventions are suggested to prevent workplace accidents and fatalities at workplaces, reduce the disturbance and sufferings experienced by surviving families and alleviate the multi-dimensional consequences.