Haynie, J. J., Varma, V., & Ragland, E. (2022). Daily supervisor support, engagement and prosocial behavior: how turnover intentions reduce the resources to pay it forward. Journal of Managerial Psychology.


The authors test the daily perceived supervisor support (PSS) to job engagement relationship with respect to employees’ extra-role displays. Additionally, the authors propose employees’ turnover intentions (TIs) to minimize these indirect effects when high.


In Study 1, employees in a field sample responded to a repeated survey spanning ten days to test the proposed model. Study 2, then, used a scenario-based experiment with online panelists as a further test of the model.


Daily job engagement was found to mediate the relationships of daily PSS with OCBI, where high TI reduced this indirect effect in Study 1. Similar indirect and conditional indirect effects were supported for OCBI and OCBO likelihood in Study 2.

Practical implications

The paper highlights the importance of supervisors’ ongoing supportive behaviors extended to their subordinates along with an awareness of employees’ TI behavioral signals.


This study adds to research examining the reinforcing nature of PSS on employees’ engagement and subsequent citizenship behavior. It also offers a potential boundary condition to such indirect effects by proposing TI as influencing such daily motivational effects.