Mwansisya, T. E., & Mwampagatwa, I. H. (2022). Consensus on Constraints in Marital Satisfaction Among Married People in African Context. Journal of Family Issues, 0192513X211056939.

Marriage is considered as the most important social institution andsymbol of adulthood in Africa. However, the trend of divorce has increasedalarmingly in recent years. We explored the constraints towards maritalsatisfaction by using the Delphi technique with assumptions that couples arethe experts on their marriages. Participant’s panel included marriedheterosexual couples divided into two groups: men and women couple’s panels.The group of women’s panel included 31 participants and men’s panel contained25 males. Then in the final stage, both groups provided their views anddiscussed on the possible solutions to the identified constraints. Five majorthemes emerged: satisfaction in sexuality among couples, difficulties incommunication, economic and financial conflicts, the role of extendedfamilies, and opportunity for behavioural change to achieve maritalsatisfaction. Our findings support the hypothesis that satisfaction withsexual intercourse, respectful communication, financial stability and carefulhandling of relatives influence marital satisfaction.