Yucel, D., & Chung, H. (2021). Working from home, work–family conflict, and the role of gender and gender role attitudes. Community, Work & Family, 1-32.

Communicating work issues at home and home issues at work, also known asacross-the-border (ATB) communication, is a part of everyday work and familyinteraction. This study focuses on the concept of ATB communication, usingWork/Family Border Theory, according to which the boundaries between work andprivate life are seen as negotiated and shaped through social interactionsand practices. We argue that through ATB communication, and especially byfocusing on what is shared and how, employees can manage boundaries andachieve work-life balance. Altogether, 32 informants, comprising journalists(N = 16) and their relational others (N = 16), were interviewed toinvestigate the role of ATB communication in employees’ work-life boundarymanagement. The findings show that ATB communication entails discussionsabout responsibilities in different life domains and a search for support indemanding or complex work or private life situations. One feature of boundarymanagement involves refraining from ATB communication in order to achieve abalance between work and life. The study extends existing knowledge ofboundary management as a communicative process and offers important practicalimplications by highlighting the role of interpersonal relationships inboundary management practices and the quality of ATB communication in theserelationships.