Caught in the eye of the perfect storm: Lebanese women human resource managers coping with macro‐level turbulence. By: Tlaiss, Hayfaa A. 2024. Human Resource Management Journal. Vol. 34 Issue 2, p337-351.

This paper advances research on the nexus between macro‐level turbulence and workers’ experience through the empirical analysis of the coping strategies of women human resource managers in the context of Lebanon. Theoretically grounded in the transactional theory of stress and coping, the findings reveal how the multidimensional coping strategies of human resource managers unfold at the juncture of macro‐level turbulence, emotion‐focussed and problem‐solving strategies, doing/re‐doing of gender, and the deployment
of various types of silence. Practitioner notes: What is currently known? Research on women’s coping strategies is minimal, primarily focussed on single sources of stress and ignores the role of silence as a coping strategy. Research on coping strategies is Western‐centric, overlooking the experiences of workers in Arab, turbulent macro‐contexts. What this paper adds? In‐depth understanding of the coping strategies of women HR managers beyond the narrow dichotomy of emotion‐focussed and problem‐solving coping strategies. Demonstration of how various types of silence and gender as a performative unfold as coping strategies for women in turbulent contexts. The implications for practitioners need to deepen their understanding of the stresses that employees in countries with macro‐level turbulence experience. Practitioners need to improve their understanding of silence and gender as a performative as coping mechanisms and integrate them into their development of interventions.