Caracciolo di Torella, E., Masselot, A. (2020). Caring Responsibilities in European Law and Policy. London: Routledge,

This book explores the emerging engagement of EU law with care and carers. The book argues that the regulation of care by the EU is crucial because it enables the development of a broad range of policies. It contributes to the sustainability of society and ultimately it enables individuals to flourish. Yet, to date, the EU approach to regulating the caring relationship remains piecemeal and lacks the underpinning of a cohesive strategy. Against this backdrop, this book argues that the EU can and must take leadership in this area by setting principles and standards in accordance with the values of the treaty, in particular gender equality, human dignity, solidarity and well-being. The book further makes a case for a stronger protection for carers, who should not only be protected against discrimination, but should also be supported, valued and put in a position to make choices and lead full lives. In order to achieve this, a proactive approach to rebalancing the relationship between paid and unpaid work is necessary. Ultimately, the book puts forward a series of legal and policy recommendations for a holistic approach to care in the EU.