Alexander, Karah, Cave, Nkosi, Oliver, Sloan, Bennett, Stephanie, Higgins, Melinda, Hepburn, Ken, Clevenger, Carolyn, Epps, Fayron, "Caregiving While Black: A Novel, Online Culturally Tailored Psychoeducation Course for Black Dementia Caregivers," Gerontologist, Jun2024, Vol. 64 Issue 6, p1-9

Psychoeducation interventions using distance learning modalities to engage caregivers in active learning environments have demonstrated benefits in enhancing caregiving mastery. However, few of these programs have been specifically adapted to develop mastery in Black caregivers. Research Design and Methods A multimethod approach was carried out to assess Caregiving While Black (CWB), including pre–post surveys and in-depth interviews. This psychoeducation course addresses the cultural realities of caring for a person living with dementia as a Black American. Caregivers engaged in online asynchronous education related to healthcare navigation, home life management, and self-care. Primary (caregiving mastery) and secondary outcomes (anxiety, depression, perceived stress, burden, perceived ability to manage behavioral and psychological symptoms) were assessed at baseline and post-course (10 weeks). Results Thirty-two Black caregivers from across the United States completed the course within the allotted time frame. Paired sample t test analyses revealed significant reductions in caregiver burden and role strain. Caregiver mastery from baseline to completion increased by 0.45 points with an effect size of 0.26 (Cohen’s d). Twenty-nine caregivers participated in an optional post-course interview, and thematic analysis led to the construction of 5 overarching themes: Comfortability with a Culturally Tailored Course ; Experiences Navigating the Course Platform ; Utility of Course Resources ; Time as a Barrier and Facilitator ; Familial and Community Engagement. Discussion and Implications Pilot findings convey a need to continue creating and receiving feedback on culturally tailored psychoeducation programs for dementia caregivers. The next steps include applying results to fuel the success of the next iteration of CWB.