Bridging between academia and the workplace: lessons learned about translational research on work-family balance. By: Houlfort, Nathalie; Lefrançois, Mélanie; Bernstein, Stéphanie; Messing, Karen; Gravel, Anne-Renée; Blanchette-Luong, Vanessa. Community, Work & Family. Oct2019, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p465-477. 13p.

Balancing work and family is a continuous and growing challenge, requiring carefully chosen coping strategies. In spite of the growing amount of research on work-family balance, successful, long term solutions are still not readily available to most workers who are trying to cope with the tensions involved in fulfilling both work and family roles. One possible explanation for this lack of translation of research findings in applied settings may lie in how we do work-family research. The present research note presents translational research as a solution to bridge academia and the workplace. More specifically, it shares our experience of a participatory approach to translational research that was adopted in an interdisciplinary research project on work-family balancing strategies. The main objective of this research note is to provide an example of how translational research was carried out in this kind of community-initiated study, and how this approach can facilitate short-term, concrete applications of the knowledge gained from and with the research partners.