Burt, R. S., & Wang, S. (2022). Bridge supervision: correlates of a boss on the far side of a structural hole. Academy of Management Journal, 65(6), 1835-1863.

“Bridge supervision” occurs when the connection between manager and bossis a network bridge between separate social worlds. Improved communicationtechnology has facilitated the use of bridge supervision, so manager and bosscan easily interact by audio or onscreen as a pair of people disconnectedfrom surrounding colleagues—but at what cost to the manager, or to effectivemanagement? We argue that bridge supervision affects the way in whichmanagers play their role, but not how well the role is played. We find clearsupport for the argument in a traditional corporate hierarchy. Managersoperating under bridge supervision exclude the boss from their workdiscussions and are conservative in expressing emotion. Behavioral correlatesnotwithstanding, compensation and good ideas have their familiar associationwith network brokerage independent of bridge versus embedded supervision. Insum, bridge supervision affects manager style, but not performance. Weconclude this paper by discussing the implications of our findings for futureresearch.