Book Review: Gender Replay: On Kids, Schools, and Feminism Edited by Freeden Blume Oeur and C. J. Pascoe. By: Mccall, Stephanie D. 2024. Gender & Society. Vol. 38 Issue 2, p309-311.

“Gender Replay: On Kids, Schools, and Feminism” is a book edited by Freeden Blume Oeur and C.J. Pascoe that celebrates the feminist ethnography of Barrie Thorne’s “Gender Play.” Thorne’s work focuses on observing children playing with gender in school and challenges mainstream views of children’s gender being solely influenced by school practices. The book includes scholarly analysis, personal memories of working with Thorne, and reflections on the impact of her work. It serves as a valuable resource for researchers in education and sociology, providing a recontextualization of Thorne’s methodology and inspiring interdisciplinary topics and research approaches.