Bioethics in Gerontology: Developing a Typology of Ethical Issues in Assisted Living. By: Turner, Kelly; Kemp, Candace L; Lesandrini, Jason; Madison, Barquiesha and Donohue, Erin. 2024. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Vol. 43 Issue 5, p520-526.

Assisted living (AL) simultaneously is home to older adults who cannot live independently and a place where people work and visit and, therefore, where value conflicts are apt to arise. In this report we present the “Typology of Ethical Issues in Assisted Living” with emphasis on its development. The typology derives from a synthesis of frameworks used in acute care spaces adapted and applied to data collected as part of an ethnographic study involving AL residents with dementia. Our work advances knowledge and has implications for future research and practice.