Anxieties and Coping among Filipino New Fathers with Postnatal Depression. By: Baral, Jay Errol V.; Guzman, Rosalito de. Journal of Family Issues. May2021, Vol. 42 Issue 5, p1077-1091. 15p.

Existing evidence suggests that postnatal depression is common in fathers of newborns among low- and middle-income countries because parents from this region experience socioeconomic difficulties. Common socioeconomic difficulties include educational attainment, employment status, and monthly income. Through the number of available participants, this study screened 50 new fathers coming from barangays of Cabanatuan City, Province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. This study made use of the Becks Depression Inventory to carefully select new fathers without depression before childbirth. Remaining participants were administered Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) and Gotland Male Depression Scale (GMDS) 24?72 hours after the childbirth. From this, the researcher was left with seven new fathers who were invited for an in-depth interview. Using the role strain theory and depressive symptoms from the EPDS and GMDS, the researcher drafted a general idea of where to begin the interview. Structured questions were followed to meet the theoretical sensitivity and domains of the tools used (EPDS and GMDS). Qualitative analysis revealed FEAR among new fathers with Postnatal Depression coming from difficulties in financial responsibility, emotional responses, adaptability and role transition.