An Examination of Variables that Predict Turnover, Staff and Caregiver Satisfaction in Behavior-analytic Organizations. By: Cymbal, Daniel J.; Litvak, Sara; Wilder, David A.; Burns, Gary N. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management. Apr2021, p1-20. 20p.

Staff turnover can pose a significant problem for human service organizations. For Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service providers, turnover may be particularly problematic due to the resources required for training. Accreditation organizations such as the Behavioral Health Center for Excellence® (BHCOE®) collect large amounts of organizational data that can point to trends in ABA organizations and provide a basis for problem identification and intervention. In this study, we evaluated BHCOE® data to examine potential predictors of staff turnover and staff and caregiver satisfaction in ABA organizations. Results of multiple regression analyses suggest that high turnover rates among job classes (i.e., technicians and supervisors) correlate with each other’s turnover. Behavior Technicians are also more likely to turnover when wages are lower and caregiver satisfaction wanes. Staff satisfaction was not a significant turnover predictor but was generally predicted by caregiver satisfaction. These findings suggest that turnover and satisfaction are multi-faceted processes worthy of examination; we provide broad recommendations for improvement and avenues for further study.